Where did my application go?

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Where did my application go?

Post  Kassie on Fri Oct 31, 2008 11:39 am

If you can't see anymore the application you wrote for us in the Forums its because we are discussing about it in another member only Forum.
The final real decision will be given to you by either me or Aimon in game if the application isn't in the Application Forum anymore.
Sorry for the troubles or doubts we might have created or will create moving applications out, but it helps us to keep the situation under control, and be more carefull.
Apologize as well if the decision might take a few days. We are still a quite new Guild, even if it's months the members play together. We want only a selected, skilled, active, game experienced and mature group of raiders; so it might take a while to understand if you are what we need.
Probably you will be contacted in game after your application, for a chat with either me or Aimon, and a few testing heroics together. Nothing so hard or problematic.
Thanks for your time and thanks for ocnsidering Majestic as your next WoW home.

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