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I am Ionchannel, a level 80 restoration shaman from the Aggramar server. Due to irl circumstances i decided to leave my current guild and server. I am trying to find a new home for my shaman and my druide alt (75).

I come from a guild called Warseeker Tribe, a very nice, helpfull and friendly guild which gave me a home for the last 2 years. There is nothing remotely negative i can say about this guild and its members and it was very hard for me to leave but i saw no other way. If needed i will elaborate on my parting.

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Jorn and I am a 29 year old scientist from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I started playing WoW i think about 3 or 4 years ago on the Horde Server Vashj. I leveled a shaman to 60 and started doing raid with a guild called KeKo into ZG and MC. Together with some friends I also started on the alliance server Lightning's Blade where I leveled a druid to 60 and started raiding with a guild called Grammaton Clerics. Irl problems made me postpone my game and i decided to leave WoW alone for a while. With the arrival of TBC i decided to give it a go again, starting a shaman on Aggramar. At that moment I joined Warseeker Tribe. With them i did a great deal of raiding with both my (new) lvl 70 druid (as tank) and with my 70 shaman (as healer) Pre patch we managed to down Kael and Vashj and were starting on MH. Post patch we conquered both MH and BT allthough i must admit it did felt a little bit cheated!

When WotL kicked in I leveled my shaman to 80 first. With Warseeker Tribe we managed to tackle almost all content excpet for Sarth (1+ drakes) My armory link can be found here: The level 80 DK you find with the name Ionchannel (on LB) is also mine; i play with my irl friends there now and then.

So what is I'm looking for? I'm looking for a friendly guild, not to big, with friendly, helpfull and mature members. I despise elitism. However, I do like constructive criticism though. I love to read up on MMO-C and Elitist yerks to perform at my very best. If others have another view on things, i'm always open for that as well as helping out others myself. what do you get in return: a loyal member, who is friendly, always in for a laugh, helping out where he can. A skilled, experienced, player who is eager to conquer new content and thinks about how to tackle problems or tactics. I have experience with Omen, CT-Raid and GEM but will use whatever is needed of course.

There is not much i can add to this. If you have questions feel free to ask and I'll try and answer them as fast as possible.

Greetings, Ionchannel (Jorn) Smile


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