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Gandalf Application

Post  Gandalf on Sat Feb 21, 2009 5:05 pm

Character Name :Gandalf

Hi Majestic i am applying for your guild as i think i can beat all the mages in your guild for dps and would like to educate them on how to play the class, At the moment i am in the guild istari but would like to leave as the only freind i had there saruman has left to join the guild isenguard who sometimes do 25 mans with Lord Saurons guild Mordor.

My past raiding experience: one of which i remember well was when i was delayed and turned up late for a raid at helms deep to find my men overrun by urk hai as soon as i got there i raised morale with my presence rallied the troops to push the urks out of Helms deep.

Another great battle i have had is when i soloed the elite Balrog at Khazad-dûm this fight was when i was lv70 pre WOTLK i was at the time called Gandalf the grey a title hard to get but after this encounter i gained more power and knowledge and achieved a better title Gandalf the white.

To sum up i think i would be perfect for majestic as i know all bosses across middle earth and have soloed most also if we are ever short on pple for raids i know some very skilled pple gimli the tank Aragorn and legolas warrior and hunter dps.

Hope to hear form you soon Gandalf the White


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