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Death Knight Apply

Post  Sakito on Thu Jan 29, 2009 8:11 am

*About me:

My Name is Chris, i am 18 years old, and i play world of warcraft since the beginning.

*About my Char:

I'm a level 80 Death knight, dps specced 44/00/27 atm, i will respec if necessary.

*Raiding Days:

I can raid every day if needed..

*What's your previous guild history, and why did you leave those guilds?

I've been in Nomads for like 3 years now, and the reason i want to leave is that most of my ingame friends left there, and i don't have a real connection with the ppl there

* What's your raid experience?

MC, ZG, Ony AQ20 and full NAX 10

*Wow Armory Link:

*reason i want to join:
As i said, i am really looking for a new nice raiding guild, a good RL friend of mine is in your guild and told me to give this apply a shot, i'm talking about the one and only Rbll!

Hope this is enough Very Happy


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