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I can Help Guild

Post  Sparrowcjs on Tue Jan 20, 2009 8:51 am

Hi Majestic!!!!!! i wrote an applycation and i wait for answer!! if i join in your guild i could help u with my proffesions!!!
MINING: helps ppl with the CD of titansteel bar. i can help everyone if he needs help with that!!
Jewelcrafting:Help ppl with GEMS if i have i can cut gems FREE to help members keeping Gold and propably spend them in other things!!!
HELP NEW MEMBERS GEAR UP: im a lot of time log about 12-15 hours and i can help ppl who need gear from hc's
Very Happy
The Real help that i try to give u is on RAIDS!! i think i have good dps and that will help raid to clear rooms quicky so we have time raiding a lot!!
So if u dont take me i want to take me and ill w8 for replace somone!!
if anyone DPS cant come at Raid i CAN always!! THATS FOR HELP!!!
I'LL w8 FOR ANSWER!!! bye bye !!!


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