death knight application

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death knight application

Post  Sparrowcjs on Sun Jan 18, 2009 8:09 am

Real Name: nikos
Ingame Name :Sparrowcjs

What class do you play? : Death knight

Playtime : about 13-15 hour per day

Age : Im 20 years old

Armory :
my spec i think is the best for DK dps an d my dps is about 3000-3500 and i think is good and help guild for more bosses.

TBC places raided : clear MH and 4-5 bosses BT
Funnest place ever raided : i want many raids and if i can have a loot i'll appreciate it
Why did you leave the last guild you were in : my last guild helped me to gear up but the ppl were not good and they had bad behavior!!!
how come we should choose you and not somone else :because im active and i ll be online for all Raids!!!
Why do you want to join majestic? : because i want hardcore raiding and i have heard very good thinks about u!!!
Anything else we should know about you? : i think all of my advantages u will see in GAME!!! rabbit


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